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EuroSnab produces high-quality sawn timber products for pencil industry. Our company focuses on manufacturing of pencil slats made of excellent linden and Siberian pine wood. We use the most modern European equipment and machines. Our slats have a well-defined and regular shape, their surface is smooth and flawless. These features allow to minimize the further processing stages in the pencil manufacturing. EuroSnab slats always meet the demands of customer specification; the product is carefully inspected and sorted before being packed and shipped to the final user. Our slats are fully suitable for the production of premium graphic and cosmetic pencils. All the wood used by our company is supplied from legal plots and has all the relevant documents about the origin. Our extensive experience in the system of foreign trade activities allows us to ensure the delivery of finished products to foreign customers on any INCOTERMS conditions.



EuroSnab deals only with those suppliers who carry out the cutting of wood from the registered legal plots. Our company appeal to all the suppliers for careful managing of forest resources. We recognize the importance of maintaining the forest resources and complying with all environmental regulations. We are aware that the forest is the real ecological wealth of Russia and the whole World, and it needs to be treated with special care.


We have been cooperating with EuroSnab for more than 3 years and we are still glad for such a reliable and mutually beneficial partnership.

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We are fully satisfied with the products manufactured by EuroSnab.

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EuroSnsb is an extremely responsible company with high-quality products!

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Lamellas for pencil manufacturing

EuroSnab is a company with 10+ years of successful trading experience in Yekaterinburg. We offer favorable conditions for ordering lamellas for pencil manufacturing. Our slats are made of high-quality wood featured by increased strength. We produce our lamellas according to the customer specifications on the modern high-precision European frame-saw equipment. To order a batch of pencil slats, you just need to fill out a special form indicating the required dimensions and type of wood.

Features of pencil lamellas

Pencil lamellas for our customers are produced on the machines controlled by microprocessors. Our slats have a well-defined and regular shape; their surface is smooth and flawless. These features allow to minimize or completely eliminate the costs for further processing. Our lamellas perfectly meet the requirements of premium pencil production. Before being sent to the customer each slat is carefully checked for compliance with the customer quality standards and dimensions. The lamellas are sorted and delivered to the contractor usually by road. They are packed into the cardboard boxes and loaded into trucks. As a responsible manufacturer, EuroSnab guarantees the high quality and reliability of the products supplied to our customers. Our company maintains an impeccable reputation as a reliable supplier of pencil lamellas because we don’t have any defective batches.

What are pencil lamellas made of?

We offer to buy the pencil slats made of high-strength wood. Usually we use Siberian cedar and linden to produce our lamellas. The wood used for production is supplied from legal plots with all the necessary official documents on the origin. Our lamellas made of cedar and linden have such advantages as:
  • high strength, resistance to mechanical stress;
  • resistance to high humidity and exposure to aggressive chemicals;
  • resistance to damage by microorganisms and decay;
  • compliance with hygiene and environmental safety requirements;
  • durability and reliability.
Call our managers or make an appointment at our office to get more information about the materials used for our products. Our managers will provide you with all the information necessary for further cooperation and will be happy to help you fill out the application.

Stages of pencil lamellas manufacturing

There are several stages of manufacturing at our enterprise. Our specialists are guided by the dimensions and specifications provided by customers. First, bars are made from linden or cedar using sawing equipment. Note that the customer can also choose other types of wood. Then these bars are sawn on the special frame-saw machines into lamellas of a given size. The next step is to remove the edges of pencil slats. After that, the lamellas undergo a drying process in special rooms where a constant temperature is maintained, and the air is evenly distributed so that the wood dries equally over its entire area. At the end of drying process, pencil slats are packed in boxes and delivered to the customers. We use high-precision European equipment which is managed by the qualified specialists with extensive experience. Due to this, the quality of our pencil slats is impeccable and they do not require further processing at the customer’s enterprise. Before they go on sale, the lamellas pass through a strict monitoring system. This gives us the opportunity to achieve near zero defect level in the shipped batches. Please contact EuroSnab managers to get more information about the methods used for slats manufacturing and place your order.

Pros of own production

Below you can find a list of several main advantages of the own production of pencil lamellas:
  • the ability to execute orders of any volume within the time specified by the customer with the help of the European machines that demonstrate high performance and accuracy;
  • careful quality control of the manufactured bars and slats that allows to exclude defective elements;
  • the ability to maintain affordable prices for high-quality products at tough economic times;
  • the lack of intermediary margins on goods sold by EuroSnab for the manufacture of high-quality pencils;
  • modernized production lines which are used for accurate manufacturing and processing of lamellas and other wood products.
Please use our convenient feedback form to get more information about the features of our own production from company managers or place an order and we’ll supply you the pencil slats in the quantity necessary for your company.

Advantages of ready-made pencil lamellas

First of all, we should note that our pencil lamellas, made on high-precision European equipment, demonstrate exact compliance with the dimensions provided by the customers. The polished surface of the slats is as smooth and even as possible. These features save customer’s money and time, because there is no need to process slats before pencil manufacturing. Lamellas (both thin and normal thickness) are made from linden or cedar wood, which are characterized by high strength, reliability, durability, resistance to high humidity and damage by microorganisms. Pencil slats are made of straight-grained wood of radial cut. Products made in the shape of rectangular parallelepipeds have the correct and clear geometry. The ends, edges, and also faces of the lamellas demonstrate mutual perpendicularity (the deviation does not exceed 0.5 millimeters). The surface roughness of the slats supplied by EuroSnab to customers at the end and edge, as well as at the face, complies with the requirements of GOST 7016-82 (does not exceed 1200 micrometers and 500 micrometers, respectively). Drying is also one of the stages of lamellas manufacturing. At the end of this stage, the humidity of the slats shipped by the company does not exceed 10%. Drying is carried out in special workshops where a constant temperature is maintained for uniform drying of the manufactured products. As a result of uniform drying, the lamellas retain their correct shape, and therefore comply with the strict quality standards. The slats may additionally be saturated with wax. In the central zone, its percentage should be not more than 4%, in the upper zone — not more than 10%. In general, good pencil lamellas, made in compliance with standards, are characterized by a minimum rate of warpage, the absence of wormholes, sapwood staining, pockets and eyes on the sawn-timber face, knotted zones and other defects. Thickness, length and width are checked by thickness gauges, rulers and calipers. The inclination of fibers to the face is measured using a ruler. The parallelism of the faces, the perpendicularity of the edges and ends are checked by angles. The slats are packed into the boxes sealed with a sticky tape. The weight of one box does not exceed 15 kilograms. These boxes are transported on pallets by road or rail. In addition, they comply with environmental safety requirements and, when used, do not emit substances harmful to human health. Our managers will answer with great pleasure all your questions about the advantages of lamellas produced by EuroSnab company.

Buy lamellas for pencil manufacturing

We recommend contacting our company because manufacturing and selling the pencil slats is our main activity for more than 10 years. Please use the feedback form and you get more about how our slats are made, what standards they meet, how they will be delivered to your company (we are ready to manage the delivery by any means for a moderate payment). In addition, our managers are ready to inform you about all the conditions of cooperation. You just need to place an order for the production of lamellas and bars and indicate the required dimensions and type of wood. Please note that the quality of our lamellas is highly appreciated by our customers. You can find their feedbacks in the corresponding section of our website. You can also get more information about the features of our slats and independently draw conclusions about whether it is worth ordering our products on favorable terms.

Advantages of ordering the lamellas at EuroSnab

  1. We produce high-quality, smooth and plain lamellas on a by-order basis strictly according to the dimensions and specifications provided by our clients.
  2. We use European frame-sawing machines operating under the control of microprocessors, which make it possible to observe the accuracy up to 0.1 millimeters.
  3. Our strict and thorough control system allows us to guarantee the impeccable quality of products shipped to the customers.
  4. We confirm the legality of the used wood with the relevant documents.
  5. We strictly comply with the terms of contracts concluded with the customers. Thanks to our high-productive equipment we can fulfill orders on time.
  6. We manage the delivery of pencil lamellas to the customers by convenient transport, including trucks, which contain up to 40 cubic meters of packaged products.
  7. We created favorable conditions for cooperation, introduced payment methods convenient for counterparties, and we use flexible payment schemes.
  8. We provide qualified consulting support to our customers, quickly answer the questions and solve the difficulties.
  9. Thanks to our own production, we maintain affordable and competitive prices for lamellas from the manufacturer.
  10. We use only environmentally friendly materials from legal plots, we have certificates confirming the quality of our goods.
Please call the phone number +7 (343) 383 28 80 or +7 (919) 362 21 03 to get more information about manufactured products, terms of cooperation, and delivery options by trusted transport companies. You can also visit our office located at the address: Yekaterinburg, Kuibyshev Street, house 80, building 2, offices 71-74. We’d be happy to answer your questions and look forward to a long-term and productive cooperation with you!

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